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NHS Back Support Lumbar Cushion Pillow

NHS Back Support Lumbar Cushion Pillow

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Enhance your personal comfort at home with our versatile luxury faux-suede back support. Designed with your needs in mind, this ultra-comfortable cushion provides strong support to your lower back and kidneys while you’re in a seated position. Presented in luxurious faux-suede material, the item combines function with style, dressing up your room while keeping you in comfort. This opulent offering can be used in your favourite chair or in your bed, when you want to watch television or read without aches and pains. In comfort at last, you can enjoy your favourite shows wherever you choose.

Stuffed with a plump polyester fibre filling, this cushion can rejuvenate chairs when they’ve lost their shape, adding extra support when you need it most. You can clean the stylish suede-effect cover in your washing machine to keep it looking at its best.

Size 58H x 68W x 15cm approximately

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