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Glow In The Dark Globbles 4pcs

Glow In The Dark Globbles 4pcs

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The luminous glow in the dark balls can be thrown at the ceiling, where they will stay for 3-15 seconds before falling back down. Your job is to catch and repeat. Can you manage more than one at once?! Each ball is ultra sticky and can be squished and stretched, but please do keep it away from your mouth and young children. suitable for age 4+

Before playing, make sure to leave these balls near some light to let them "charge up", then at night watch them glow. Make sure to play with each ball before throwing as they are very sticky. If you don’t do this, the ball will stick to the wall and not fall down.

Price advertised is for a multipack of 4x balls. (usually 1x blue, 1x green, 1x, yellow, 1x pink)

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